We have been roasting coffee in Northbridge since 1936, when a “real” cup of coffee was considered a rare and exotic commodity. Our journey from humble corner store to state-of-the-art Probat roasting facility has seen us remain leaders in our field. We craft roast daily, creating the ultimate coffee experience and up-holding a family tradition that started more than half a century ago.

As coffee culture matures in Australia, we continue to be at the forefront of innovation, service and supply. Sourcing and lovingly roasting the world's finest beans for our ever-growing range of clientele. We are proud to share our expertise and extend our commitment of excellence into a new era of coffee in Australia and beyond.



The Braziliano Coffee label was created by founder John Re with 1-2kg batches of traditional Italian style coffee roasted weekly, in an era when a ‘real' cup of coffee was considered a rare and exotic commodity in Australia.


Continuing to roast at European Foods Wholesalers new Northbridge location, the range of coffees now includes four Braziliano blends and the first Leonardo Coffee varieties roasted in a new 25kg Probat roaster.


Specialty coffee popularity continues to grow with an upgrade to a 35kg Probat roaster to keep up with demand. Silvana Finest Quality Arabica Coffee was launched in 1989, as the ‘Roasters Blend’ and the choice of fine-dining coffee connoisseurs. A second 25kg Probat roaster was installed.


Launch of the Braziliano Coffee SuperBarista Education Facility to facilitate a commitment to excellence in barista artistry and coffee culture. Then in 2003 announced the launch of the inaugural Braziliano SuperBarista of the Year Award, the first competition to provide WA baristas the opportunity to be assessed against world standards and show off their innovativeness.


Enters the AASCA Hall of Fame as one of John Re’s granddaughters, Catherine Ferrari wins the Australian Coffee Cup Tasting Championship and goes on to represent Australia at the World Coffee Cup Tasting Championship, in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2010 The International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels, Belgium awards the Silvana Finest Arabica Coffee range for its remarkable high quality.


Our facilities undergo a multi-million dollar upgrade to create the roastery’s unique position as being one of the best resourced and largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, (combining artisan and state of the art methods) setting a worldwide standard for best practices.


The Northbridge Coffee Roasters is created as a distinct entity to recognise their heritage, significant resources and long-term commitment to specialty coffee and to cement their role as a leader and innovator within the WA coffee industry. The following year, the addition of The Northbridge Coffee Roasters Microlot Selection range marked a new chapter for The Roasters in our pursuit of coffee perfection.


The Re family descendants sold the business to the Yukich family in June 2018. The Yukich family have a similar history of generational family business based in the Swan Valley and the wine industry


The Northbridge Coffee Roasters move to Osborne park Marketplace and the journey continues from there


Nowadays, The Northbridge Coffee Roasters still continue the legacy and provide our customer with the best service.