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We can also coordinate customised training workshops to suit client and customer needs on request.
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Introduction to Speciality Coffee

Designed to teach participants an understanding of coffee from bean to cup. Students learn how to extract the perfect espresso and basic milk texturing, recognise complex flavours and gain an appreciation of coffee using all the senses while sampling freshly roasted, premium coffee beans and blends.

Lesson Structure

Duration: 4 hours

4-6 trainees/session

Cost: $120/person

1. Introduction and Housekeeping (5 minutes)

2. Learning Outcome (1 minute)

3. Coffee Equipment (5 minutes)

4. Espresso Extraction (1 hour)

Break Time (10 minutes)

5. Milk Texture and Pouring (1 hour)

6. Coffee Equipment Pack Down (20 minutes)

7. Close Out (5 minutes)

Intermediate Coffee Skills

Simulating the workflow of a real café, this workshop builds on the skills acquired at the Introduction to Specialty Coffee to become a quick, efficient and knowledgeable barista. Areas include order control, managing milk types and workflow, adjusting the grinder and manually dosing coffee. The class incorporates substantial hands-on practice with a diverse range of espresso machines to fine-tune the art of coffee making in a friendly environment.

Lesson Structure

Duration: 3 hours

4 trainees/session

Cost: $150/person

1. Introduction and Housekeeping (5 minutes)

2. Learning Outcome (1 minute)

3. Controllable & Adaptable Variables (40 minutes)

Break Time (10 minutes)

4. Workflow Technique (40 minutes)

5. Latte Art (30 minutes)

6. Coffee Equipment Pack Down (15 minutes)

7. Close Down (5 minutes)

Who Will train you?

Mitch our Brew Specialist and Trainer

Mitch - 2 years and counting

Zimbabwean born and raised with a 15 year pedigree in hospitality. Holding positions ranging from barista all the way up to cafe manager. My last position was as a Head Coffee Roaster for the last 2 years. I am very passionate about all things coffee and enjoy supporting my clients with all aspects of their business, including getting stuck into the technical side of things. I find it very satisfying setting up machinery including dialling in grinders and setting up and programming brew ratios.

What do you drink at home?

Currently V60 Pourover with ambitions of getting an Espresso Machine Setup